Why yoga should be a part of your life?

Self realization

When our body and mind are in perfect harmony, we achieve self realization. Obstacles in the path of self realization occur in the form of physical or mental indisposition. When our physical state is imperfect, it causes imbalance to our mental state. This is known as “Chittavritti” in Sanskrit. We can overcome this imbalance through practice of yoga. Yoga Asanas or Poses can cure “Vyadhi” or “Physical Ailments” and heal “angamejayatva” or “unsteadiness” in the body. “Shwasa-Parashvasa” meaning “uneven breathing” is an indication of stress and can be alleviated through regular practice of yoga.

Asanas tone the entire body. Practice of yoga helps in strengthening bones and muscles, improves posture, regulates breathing, and increases energy. The physical health in turn leads to calmness in mind.

Asanas and Pranayama

Practicing asanas helps to cleanse the entire body. Just as a goldsmith heats gold to burn imports, asanas, cleanses the body organs, by improving blood circulation leading to supply of fresh nutrition to each and every cell in the body. The body is cured from any diseases with flushing of toxins that get accumulated due to irregular lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and poor posture.

Benefits of Yoga

Regular practice of stretches, twists, bends and inversions-the basic movements of asanas- restore the body to perfect health.

Asanas, along with pranayama or control of breath, rectify any physical, physiological or psychological disorders. Yoga acts as a remedy to osteoarthritis, high and low blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and anorexia.

Mind and Body

The mind and body constantly interact with each other. Yoga does not demarcate where the body ends and where the mind begins. It approaches both as a single entity. The daily emotional turmoil brings stress to the body and mind.

Although yoga appears to deal with physical body alone, it also influences chemical balance of the brain which in turn improves one’s mental health. According to sage Patanjali, “Vyadhi” or “Physical Ailments” lead to emotional disturbances. The task of yoga is to tackle both.

Aditi is a certified Yoga Instructor for Power Yoga from Akshar Power Yoga. She teaches Hatha yoga, Power Yoga, Meditative Yoga and Yoga Therapy. She has experience in teaching and practicing yoga for about 4 years.