Why professionals in Bangalore need to practice basic yoga postures and pranayama?

Bangalore is popularly known as Silicon Valley of India. With the outset of the start up culture and various opportunities, professionals from various parts of India and abroad have settled down in Bangalore. However long working hours and sedentary nature of work requires one to take additional efforts to improve his posture and maintain his health. Also the migration of people from other cities to Bangalore has given rise to alarming traffic and pollution. One needs to cleanse and detox his body regularly through yoga practice.

Due to sedentary life, corporate professionals cultivate back pain and neck pain. They always keep their head forward while working which results in stiffening of muscles around the cervical spine. Marjari Asana (cat and cow pose) is one of the easiest asana you can do everyday. Muscle spasm usually occur due to lack of body movement. Inhale look up bring a nice arch on your back and exhale look down, chin to chest curl your back.

Patients often come to me with a complain of back pain and neck pain. Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable. After having unbearable pain they realize they need to do something about their health. In one of the cases, I had a patient visiting who has never been physically active since college days. As a result he cultivated sever back pain and neck pain which radiated through his buttocks down to his legs. Unfortunately lot of doctors misguided him. He was advised to undergo a surgery. However, he denied doing it and doctor just advised him to eat pain killers and go for jogging. Misguidance by doctors has become very common these days. He was in a state of severe pain and he was advised to lose weight. Loosing weight itself is a challenge although it is not very difficult. However, one cannot exercise when he is in pain. He needs to first be relieved from the pain. After researching a little he enrolled into an ayurvedic treatment where the pain aggravated rather than reducing.

For all types of postural and alignment cases physiotherapy or medical yoga is essential. Because you need to remove the muscle spasms and work on your body alignment. Another thing with this patient was he had pain on the right side of his body due to which his body was titled to the left. He was trying to shift the body weight to his left side. At a later stage he may develop pain on the left side due to shifting entire weight on left. That is the reason at the beginning of every yoga class we make the students stand in Samastithi– means upright, straight or unmoved. In Samasthiti it is important you should ensure you are putting equal weight on both feet. If you are putting more pressure on one leg, or just toes or heels, it may lead to deformities related to spine.

If you are unsure about your pain please do get in tough with us. We can help you to get the right treatment. Even if you are not in Bangalore, we can connect you to right physiotherapy centers and help you to evaluate how the treatment is working for you. We want to spread awareness to all young corporate professionals so that they get the right guidance. We also conduct corporate workshops about ergonomics. You can always connect us to the concerned team if you feel lot of your colleagues need right guidance to improve their posture.

Yog Gokul Yoga also conducts workshops in various gardens in the city. This helps people to connect to nature. Practice of yoga with connection to nature further enables one to relieve stress.

Cubbon park and Lalbagh are popular parks for yoga practice in Bangalore. Cubbon park is also a dog friendly park where you can meet lot of furry friends during your yoga practice. Hope you feel relaxed and yoga practice brings a smile to your face.

Happy yoga to all !!