What are Fibroids? And how can you treat them through Yoga?

What are Fibroids?

Fibroids are non cancerous tumors and are very common in a female reproductive system. Women between the age 20-40 years may suffer from issues due to development of fibroids in their reproductive system. Fibroids are made up of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue that develop in the uterus due to unknown reasons.

It is believed that high levels of estrogen and progesterone are a cause of fibroid. Fibroids also develop in women having family history of fibroids. About 20-50 per cent of women in their reproductive age have fibroids however most of them are never diagnosed.

Who is at risk for fibroid tumors?

Women who are approaching menopause are at highest risk of developing fibroid tumors.

How to treat fibroids through Yoga?

Uterine fibroids can make your life difficult causing symptoms such as pain, heavy periods, pelvic cramps. Although there is not much research as to Yoga can treat fibroids, I am listing down few poses that have helped my clients to shrink their fibroid and avoid surgery. These are the personal experiences of my clients and may help you as well in treating your fibroids.

Malasana (garland pose)

In simple language, malasana is a squatting position. If your heels do not touch the floor, you can use a folded towel or a blanket in the initial days of your practice. Squating comes naturally to kids and people who work in fields. However, in the modern city I am surprised even kids struggle to sit in this pose as their lifestyle in confined to a table and a couch. Most of the adults who work in corporates find it uncomfortable doing this pose.

Malasan gives a good stretch to groin, sacrum, lower back and the hips. Hold this pose for 60 seconds and then hug your knees in Malasana. This will help you press your pelvis against your thighs and lead to shrinking of your fibroid.


Pada Hastasana is a standing forward fold. Since your hips are pressed against your chest in this pose, it causes the fibroid to shrink. Hold this pose for 60 seconds 3 times each. Pada Hastasana is also good for stress relief.

Pavanmuktasana (Wind removing pose)

Lie down on your back and spread your feet forward. Slowly and gently fold your knees and press them against your chest and hug them with your arms. Inhale lift your head and try to touch your forehead to the knee and exhale release.

Since you are compressing your lower body, this pose can also be beneficial to shrink your fibroid. Note that it is not a proven fact however, this has been given as a direct feedback by the clients who have been practicing with me for many years. For this reason, pavanamuktasana cures acidity, Indigestion and Constipation. Pavanamuktasana is also very good for all abdominal organs and help them function properly.

Half Fish pose

All the twisting posture lead to compression on the lower abdomen. Come into Ardha Matsyendra Asana. Sit in Dandasana, then slowly place your right foot outside your left thigh and fold your left foot such the left heel is close to the right buttock. Inhale raise your left arm up and exhale while placing your left elbow outside your right knee by locking it. Twist your spine 90 degree, squeeze your abdomen and look back from over your right shoulder. Once you are comfortable in the pose, practice deep Ujjayi Breathing. Stay in the pose for 60 seconds and then repeat it on the other side.

Ardha Matsyendra asana or the half fish pose also helps to get relief from Menstrual discomfort, fatigue and back ache. Ardha Matsyendra asana helps to increase your appetite and improves digestion. It stimulates the rate of metabolism.


This asanas help to open your hips. It also helps to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Sit down and bring soles of the feet together. Try to push your knees to the floor with the help of your elbows. This asana stretches the knees and your groin.

Baddhakonasana enhances the reproductive system in women. It also helps to cure menstrual cramps. Since this asana also works around your pelvic region it is believed to shrink your fibroids.

Bhardwaj Asana

This asana is dedicated to Sage Bharadwaj. This asana helps to improve digestion by increase metabolism, massage intestines and strengthen your abdominal muscles. This asana also works on your spinal column and helps you to get relief from menstrual cramps.

Paschim Utthansasana (Seated forward bend)

Sit erect in Dandasana with your feet straight in front of you. Inhale raise both the arms up and while you exhale try to touch your toes by bending down. Try to bring t=your chest closer to your thighs. This pose also helps to shrink your fibroid as your abdominal muscles are pressed against your upper body.

Paschim Utthasana has many more benefits such as improving digestion through increase in metabolic rate, reducing menstrual discomfort. Kidney, uterus, liver and ovaries are activated.