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Prenatal and Post Natal Yoga- An introduction-

Pre-natal yoga has gained recent popularity due to increasing awareness of yoga around the globe. The mothers-to-be are searching for healthy ways to stay fit and relaxed during their pregnancy. Prenatal yoga not only helps to  achieve this objective but also helps them to prepare for labor and  improve the baby’s health.

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey, where you closely discover your body as well as create a new life within your body. It is not easy for a woman as lots of emotional, physical and hormonal changes take place throughout this nine months journey. Now a days expectant mothers have become more aware, so many pregnant women worry about their health, their baby’s proper growth and development, weight management during and after the pregnancy and above all they worry about a normal and hassle free delivery. The good news is there is something which can take care of all the stress and anxiety and promote good health for you and your baby and that is its Prenatal yoga.

What is Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga? 

We all are aware with benefits of yoga. Prenatal and post natal yoga is uniquely designed for pregnancy and after delivery to support expectant and new mothers to be physically and emotionally fit. It includes restorative poses, pelvic floor strengthening ,core strengthening, stretching and various breathing techniques.

What are the benefits of Pre-natal and Post Natal Yoga?

Prenatal and postnatal yoga is beneficial in many ways-

1. It increases endurance of muscles needed for childbirth to promote normal and hassle free delivery.
2. It increases flexibility and strength.
3. It helps in balancing hormones.
4. Helps to maintain normal blood pressure, improves sleep.
5. It is beneficial for lower back pain and reduces headache which is very common during pregnancy.
6. It helps to avoid shortness of breath which is common during pregnancy.
7. Helps in maintaining proper weight during and after pregnancy.

When can you start Prenatal yoga?

If you have never done yoga than best time is second trimester(after 14 weeks of pregnancy). If you have been quite active and done yoga before and you have no complications then with your doctor’s recommendation you can start it in first trimester as well.

When can you start Postnatal yoga?

You can start post natal yoga in 6 weeks after the delivery under proper guidance. If you had C Section then you should start after 10 weeks of delivery.


We offer unique techniques under proper guidance of our experts to achieve your objectives and make your journey more beautiful, healthy and safe. We usually recommend training thrice in a week for Prenatal Yoga. For postnatal yoga we have a special program where you can practice yoga with your little ones where you don’t have to worry about where you drop them while you come to the class.


Written by DR. SHILPY JHA
(Physiotherapist and Yoga Trainer)

Koramangala Maharaja Signal