Personal Classes

Yog Gokul offers personal classes that are tailor-made for your body type. People who have any severe medical conditions are not advised to practice all kinds of asanas. Our chief yoga instructor will perform a detailed holistic assessment for you -evaluating your body, mind, spirit and environment and then craft a special yoga program for you which includes poses, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation as well as dietary and lifestyle advice. Health and fitness varies from person to person, so we often use poses modified with props to make the practices safe and effective.

The classes and timings are arranged as per availability of our yoga master and the student.

For more details about personal yoga classes please fill out the contact form.

Personal attention

Special yoga program to suit your conditions with one-on-one session


Attention is given to your alignment and posture. This helps you to get quick results.


Our certified yoga instructors will continue to motivate you and push you beyond your comfort level to give desired results.

Koramangala Maharaja Signal

Koramangala Branch 

Yog Gokul (Yoga classes in Koramangala, Gymnastics classes for kids in Koramangala, Martial Arts) 

979, 5th Floor, Keerthi's Cloud 9, AVS Layout, Near Maharaja Junction,

Koramangala 4th Block Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

Phone: 9483897818, 080-30474757, 95623 80703 


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Yoga Rs.2500 / month (20 classes Mon to Fri)

Gymnastics Rs.2500 / month (8 Classes)

Kung Fu Rs.2500 / month (8 Classes)  


Class Timings: 

Yoga- Mon to Fri-

Morning 6-7am, 7-8am and Evening- 7-8 pm.

Gymnastics Class Kids:

Tues and Thursday- 5:30-6:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday- 9-10 am and 4-5 pm

Kung Fu Class Kids: 

Saturday and Sunday- 3-4 pm

Class Rules: 

One trial Class is free for all types of programs.

After one class you need to pay the fees in advance before attending the next session. Please ensure that you pay the fees on time.

That helps in smooth functioning of the academy. Thank you for your co-operation.