Medical Yoga Therapy

Medical yoga”, or “Medical Yoga Therapy” as is a blend of‘modern science’ and classical ‘Hatha Yoga’. Diagnostic tests and imaging like – Blood Tests, X-rays, M.R.I. scans etc from modern science, are are analyzed to understand the main problem.

After such a detailed medical diagnosis, certain Hatha Yoga Postures are recommended with modifications using specially designed props such as chairs, benches, bolsters, pillows, blocks, ropes, belts and others. Though the use of props makes it a ‘passive’ therapy, it enables patients to hold the posture for much longer compared to unassisted classical Yoga asana. What makes this passive therapy different from active therapy is that it significantly reduces the ‘active’ mental awareness of one’s self and the body muscles, which naturally takes place while performing classical Yoga asanas.

We typically assist the patients by tying few ropes and belts on the patient’s body in such a way that helps accomplish the desired stretch and restoration of alignment at the affected muscles or joints.

Medical Yoga Treatment  can be typically learnt and done by most patients by themselves, once they practice it daily and start understanding the pain points and develop an understanding of their therapeutic rationale.

These asanas are modified with the intent of making them very simple, comfortable and safe for all the people including patients and the aged. These asanas are typically done against the support of a wall or with the help of specially designed props like chairs, benches, bolsters, pillows, ropes, belts, blocks etc.

A typical daily session lasts an hour or two.

Today, Medical Yoga Therapy is being widely used for drugless treatment of musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, spondylitis, frozen shoulders etc. It is also commonly used for stress management and other physiological conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, bronchial/allergic asthma, etc.

Yog Gokul is the first of its kind Yoga Studio in Bangalore offering Medical Yoga Therapy. Our certified, experienced and trained Medical Yoga Therapist, Smriti Iyer personally takes care of all the patients. She has previously worked in various hospitals in Delhi and has dealt with patients having back pain, neck pain, sciatica nerve pain, spondylitis etc.

Smriti Iyer integrates her knowledge of Medical Yoga, Body work and other alternative medicines such as Reiki and Pranic Healing to offer a holistic treatment and welfare of all the patients. This is to ensure we have left no stone unturned in order to achieve a drugless treatment for these issues which are otherwise treated by surgery or medicine.

Doctors often hesitate to advice these kind of drugless treatment. The patients who walk in into our studio are normally on pain killers or are advised immediate surgery. We have had patients who have taken leave from their office due to unbearable pain. If you want to find out Medical Yoga Therapy Centers near you– just type in the search query on Google to find the nearest Medical Yoga Treatment Center Near Me

The Medical Yoga Treatment has been scientifically proven technique to treat various ailments. For more details about Medical Yoga, you can refer to below links:

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Yoga should not be considered as a complete substitute to appropriate medication or psychotherapy. However, in cases where a patient is at risk of acquiring certain kind of illness, but does not need an intensive therapy, Medical Yoga Therapy may prevent the progression of the illness to the point where such medical intervention is required.

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