What is Weight Management?

Weight is all about the amount of calories that one consumes every day. In the weight world, people usually question experts to get answers to questions like, “What is the adequate amount of calories appropriate for them?” People usually find it very confusing when it comes to knowing the right amount of caloric intake they should be in taking each day. Whether it is to gain, loose or maintain weight, this question is not easy to answer. This is because the amount of calories varies from person to person and is dependent upon several factors.

Why should you know your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE)?

TDEE is not just a number. It has much more meaning to it. TDEE refers to the amount of calories that one needs to consume everyday to sustain and carryout necessary functions to live normally and effectively. Understanding the concept of TDEE is very important for understanding the concept of weight loss. Not just for weight loss, is it also an important concept to understand weight gain and weight maintenance.


When an individual consumes lesser calories than his TDEE, he is burning more calories than he consumes and hence the body uses the reserves –i.e. the fats that are stored in the body to get required energy for TDEE. This results in weight loss.

TDEE is the amount of calories required by the body every day, consuming lesser calories than the TDEE, will make the body use the stored sources of energy present in it for the purpose of acquiring energy. Your body will end up in burning the stored resources of energy (macronutrients) present in it. Hence, fat, carbs and proteins are metabolised with the release of energy bulks to fulfil the body’s requirement. You can check Weight loss calculator to understand this concept in detail.


This concept is known as caloric excess. When one is consuming more than the amount of calories that his body needs everyday which is his TDEE, he/she tends to gain weight. Therefore, TDEE helps one know what is the adequate requirement of calories of his or her body.


How to Calculate the TDEE? 


The easiest way to know your Total daily energy expenditure is click on calculator.tech, which follow the procedure below.

This calculator requires the information about the factors which influence your TDEE. Those factors include your gender, age, height, weight and your activity level. There are also a number of units and you can provide the value or the information of the specific factor in the required unit or the one which is convenient for you.
-You then need to press the calculate button to know your TDEE. The value is highly precise and ensures 100% accuracy. It is also fast and free to use. Below is an example of how to calculate the desired value.


TDEE calculation for a male

TDEE Calculation for a female

These are the amount of calories that a 20 year old female with a moderately active lifestyle needs per day to maintain her current weight. So if she wants to lose weight she should consume calories lower than her TDEE and if she wishes to gain weight she needs to consume higher calories than her TDEE. She can consume calories equal to her TDEE if she wants to maintain weight.

Ending Note 

Some people need to lose weight to get on their perfect weight number while others need to gain it. All of it depends upon the calories you intake per day as has been discussed above. TDEE is the estimation of the requirement of the body on calories. It provides the precise value to help you know what your body needs and stick to its needs.