International Yoga Day 2018

After declaration of June 21st as an International Yoga Day, this day has been celebrated with enthusiasm across the world with every passing year.

Yog Gokul is pleased to announce its International Yoga Day Event on June 21st, 2018.

The event will begin at 6:00 pm starting with practice of Hatha Yoga Asanas. Session offers simple and powerful yoga postures to bring stability and balance. No physical agility or prior yoga experience needed. 
The event will be followed by 30 minutes Trataka session conducted by certified and experienced yoga teacher Vinod Sreeramoju. The trataka session will be followed by Group healing session by Smriti Iyyer.

There will be about 20-30 minutes discussion about philosophy of Yoga By Pankaj Bafila and Gurpreet Kaur along with Vinod Srreeramoju who is experienced and trained yoga teachers.

The event is carefully designed, covering physical postures, mental attitude, emotional grounding and spiritual aspects of this ancient School of Well-Being.

We take this opportunity to raise awareness of the many benefits of practicing yoga. We invite you to celebrate this International Yoga day with us at Yog Gokul Yoga Studio.

Please note that this is a donation based event. You are free to donate any amount you wish in order to help us conduct more such event in future.

Time: 6:00 pm

Date: 21st June, 2018

Venue: Yog Gokul Yoga Studio, Koramangala

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