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Enroll your kids into gymnastics today ! Find Gymnastics Classes near you. Let them jump off the beam, flip off the bars, follow their dreams and reach for the stars! You will agree, “Yog Gokul offers the best gymnastics classes near me.” Along with Gymnastics Yog Gokul also offers Kung-Fu classes for kids.  Visit page-Gymnastics Classes Near me

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Koramangala Location

Yog Gokul Yoga, Fitness and A School of Martial Arts 5th Floor, Keerthi’s Cloud 9, Off 80 Feet Road, Near Maharaja Junction Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore Karnataka- 560034


One Trial Class is free for all the programs. Please pay the fees in full after your trial class. Kids of 4+ years are accepted, provided that they are able to follow the instructions. 


94838 97818, 95623 80703, 080-30474757


Tues and Thurs: 5:30 pm–6:30 pm

Sat and Sun :4pm–5pm


Rs.2500 for one month

Rs.6500 for 3 months (Original Price: Rs.7500 Rs.1000 Discount) 

Rs.8000 for 4 Months (Original Price:  Rs.10,000 Rs.2000 Discount) 

Limited Period Offer

Rs.6500 for 3 Months 

(Rs.1000 off) 

Rs.12000 for 6 Months

(Rs.3000 Off) 

Gymnastics Classes Near Your Location

Yog Gokul conducts martial arts and gymnastics classes for kids. If you are looking for “Gymnastics Classes near me” you have come to a right place. Since kids have a very short attention span, we have designed our programs to be fun and encourage involvement from the kids. Since yoga is a very essential part of martial arts it is believed to be preparatory phase for martial arts training. Instead of starting only yoga for kids, we have combined yoga, martial arts and gymnastics for kids so that they can have fun in the class without getting bored. Along

Give your kids the best skills in Martial Arts, skills that are age-specific. Yog Gokul School of Martial Arts and Gymnastics now in Koramangala, Bangalore.

Gymnastics for kids:


Level 1 Gymnastics prepares the body for advanced level gymnastics. In level 1 we will cover following. The beginners stage involves basics of gymnastics. In the first level, we will be teaching beginning skills such as handstands, cartwheels, and bridges. The athlete will learn tumble track to learn jumps and to sharpen their skills.

  • Forward Roll
  • Backward Roll
  • Cartwheel
  • 3/4th Hand Stand
  • Candle Stick
  • Split jump 30 degrees Leg Separation


Level 2: 

In the second level we will be focusing on skills such as back bends, hand stand, round off, chase with straight leg kick and heel snap. The athletes will sharpen their jumps, round-offs, and to learn 60 degrees leg separation.

Level 3:  

This intermediate stage teaches the athletes, skills such as hand stand forward roll, hand stand to bridge kick over leap, backward roll to push up, round-off back handspring, and forward split. The athletes will learn to tumble track to sharpen skills such back handsprings, round-offs, and round-off back handsprings.

Level 4:  

The fourth level consists of combination skills and a series of skills. We will be teaching skills such as back walkover, back extension roll, Round Off double back hand-spring, straddle jump, Front Handspring.The athlete will be working to sharpen skills in order to reach their goals.

Level 5:  
  • Jump Full Turn
  • Front Handspring Step-out – Front Handspring
  • Round off back handspring back tuck
  • Front tuck

Do you keep asking this question “how to find genuine gymnastics classes near me”? Stop wondering now, as Yog Gokul Gymnastics center is near you in your city especially for all the folks in Koramangala.

There are a lot of criteria you should consider while finding a gymnastics gym near you for gymnastics classes, or a gymnastics team program. For example, if you are a beginner, a small gymnastic centre with good trainers but with no advanced training tools will be perfect. However, if you have already been practicing gymnastics you need advanced equipment and a more experienced staff.

Other things to consider while choosing a gymnastics gym near your location: 

  1. Distance from you house: For obvious reasons distance from your house to the gymnastics school is very important if you want to enroll your child to gymnastics classes for kids. However, it becomes more important when your gymnastics practice becomes more serious and you need to spend few extra hours at the gym in order to excel in your gymnastics practice.
  2. Coaches and the teaching staff: On the first day of your trial observe and note down various points regarding the instructions provided. Are the gymnastics instructors experienced and attentive? Are they correcting you when you go wrong? Are they teaching you the right techniques? Initially you will not know the difference between right or wrong techniques. In that case you should attend more trial sessions at various gymnastics centers near you. If you are looking forward to enrol your child in the gymnastics classes, make sure you are present during the trial session and watch them practice. In case your kids are too young, they will not be able to tell you the right feedback. A great gymnastics coach or a great teacher is essential and it will make all the difference in your kid’s gymnastics career.
  3. Age Make up for the class: Investigate whether the age group of the gymnastics class is similar to your kids age group. Sometimes adults also join the same batch as they are beginners, they would want to learn from the basics i.e. in the gymnastics classes for kids. In that case check with the gymnastics center near your location, whether all of the participants of the class are beginners, intermediate or advanced gymnasts.
  4. The Equipment: Go to the gymnastics gym near you and take a look around. Make sure the gym is clean and hygienic for your kids. If there is enough lighting, and safe equipments. There is no point is wasting money if your kids are practicing on old equipments that are unsafe. Make sure there are enough mats. Mats are important components when it comes to safety during the practice.
  5. The cost: The cost will also be an important point to consider. When you are enrolling your kids to gymnastics classes near your location, you need to make sure if there is value for money.
  6. Where do parents sit when the kids are working out? It will always be more comfortable for you if you can see your kids practice in front of you. This way you will see if the trainers are professional. Also knowing that the parents are watching will keep the trainers on their toes.
  7. Class/Team Training Times: Even after finding right academy, you might still have question whether the timings at the gymnastics classes near me will fit in my daily schedule? At Yog Gokul most classes will start around 4pm or 5pm which gives you and your kids time to breathe after their school. Most of the gymnastics classes are also conducted on Weekends. If you stay in Bangalore, you will be able to commute to distant gymnastics centers during weekends as there will be very less traffic when you commute. There are only a handful of gymnastics centers in Bangalore. So it becomes convenient for you to attend gymnastics classes during weekends even if the gymnastics center is far from your house since you don’t have much choice.

I hope the above tips will give solution to your question, how to find gymnastics classes near me.

At Yog Gokul, we offer gymnastics classes for kids in Koramangala, gymnastics training for adults in Koramangala. Although our Koramangala Gymnastics Gym is relatively new, we have experienced trainers running Gymnastics classes in Akshay Nagar and RT Nagar since past several years. We are adding new equipment to our centers. Just call us today for more information and become a Gymnast in very less time. Please note that gymnastics needs you to practice a lot, so if you want to learn things quickly you need more and more practice, practice and practice. Gymnastics needs a lot of patience as flexibility is something you don’t achieve in one day. We hope that you will recommend Yog Gokul to your friends when they ask “Hey! Where to find gymnastics classes near me?”  

About Yog Gokul Gymnastics for Kids

Yog Gokul is a popular gymnastics academy in Bangalore, offering training for competitive and recreational gymnastics. It has the best facilities with soft flooring and special gymnastics flooring to avoid injuries. We have internationally qualified coaches and we offer a structured gymnastics training program in Bangalore.

Gymnastics has recently gained popularity in Bangalore. Yog Gokul introduced Gymnastics Classes in Bangalore in March 2018 and enrolled more than 50 members within a span of 2 months.

Why are parents enrolling their kids with us?

We provide special attention like no other gymnastics academy in Bangalore. Kids learn social skills such as peer interaction, waiting for their turn, watching, listening and team work. Kids also develop cognitive skills such as focus, memory, problem solving and ability to follow instructions.

Kids at our gymnastics class in Bangalore develop confidence in no time. Our gymnastics instructor, Master Prashanth is friendly and strict at the same time. We have seen our kids overcoming fear within few weeks of joining. Kids gain confidence as they achieve various milestones in their gymnastics journey.

Our gymnastics classes in Bangalore are specifically designed to help kids develop core strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, balance and endurance. We have fun activities, games, competitions which your kids will enjoy. Come enroll your child and start their Gymnastics Journey today!

Gymnastics Introduction:

There has been a myth that gymnastics can be practiced only at a very young age. Although it is true that gymnastics is easy to pick up when you are young may be between 6-10 years of age, people of all ages can practice gymnastics.

There has been an increase in enquiries for gymnastics for kids below 4-5 years of age. Parents have been keen to start some activities for their toddlers to build foundations for a systematic training from a very young age. We have started catering to this age group- 2-5 years – where kids who are not yet capable of listening to the instructions can participate with their parents under the supervision of a trained instructor.

Basic gymnastics activities such as warm up, stretching and forward roll and backward rolls are taught  for this age category.

If you are interested in competitive gymnastics, please be aware that it is very demanding and requires several hours of training and preparation. It is generally assumed that in order to achieve a national standard, it will require six years of formal training for females and nine years for males. Preparation usually commences between the age of 6-10 years, during which the ability of a child to develop good flexibility and postural control is higher. The on-going process of gymnastics training includes development of strength, co-ordination, spatial awareness, and core gymnastics movements which form the foundation of higher level good quality gymnastics.

For fees Structure please click Gymnastics Pricing.