Karma Yoga- An Act of Kindness

How often do you do acts of kindness? Have you ever seen people begging outside a cafe you are eating? We often shoo them away.

Even, if we are not able to finish the food in our plate we are reluctant to parcel it and give it away.

Yesterday, I was eating paneer paratha at a paratha place near my house. I was not on my full appetite level so was able to finish only half of it. I was feeling bad that I will have to throw it away.

However, while I was eating the paratha, I saw a middle aged lady wearing ragged clothes outside the restaurant. She was continuously talking to herself. Then she was randomly talking to people on the road. No one seemed to listen to her. When I was done I asked the shopkeeper who she was. He said she just hangs out here everyday and talks to herself. “ Wo aaisa hi Edhar aata hai madam.”

I asked him to pack the remaining paratha and handed it to her. She asked me in excitement “Kya hai?” (What is it?). I said paratha. Then she said in excitement her mouth already watering “Paraathaaa !!!” I said yes. She started eating it. And I felt greatly content. I was so happy by this act of kindness. I was very lucky to have found her just outside the restaurant. Else I would have been reluctant to find a beggar and then give it to him.

Do you do such acts of kindness. Do you consider in giving? Do you loathe wastage of food? Does your heart weep for the people who suffer? Do you empathise with the sufferings of poor and unprivileged? Do you feel their pain?

Mother Teressa once found a girl child on the street. She brought her home. She states in a speech published by Goalcast, “The child was hungry. “ She could see in a face. “God knows for how many days she had not eaten.” She states. She gave her a piece of bread and asked her to eat. The little girl was eating it crumb by crumb. Mother Teressa repeated “Eat the bread dear” Eat the bread”. The little girl looked at her and said ‘I’m afraid to eat the bread, because I’m afraid when it is finished, I will be hungry again.’

May be we are lucky to have everything we want. But there may be some who are unwanted, uncared, unloved and forgotten. This is what Mother Teressa brings before you. She urges you the help the needy as much as you can. Think of them before you waste your food. Think of the thirsty when you unknowingly keep the tap open. Think of the people who can’t study due to lack of electricity. Think and empathise. Step forward to help.

Do you believe in karma? May be this karma will help you in some way. But you should do these kind acts without any expectation. Do them to see the happy face on the other side. Feel the joy of bringing smile to a face. This will bring immense happiness to your life. Bhagwad Gita states “Karma is a path to unselfish action. It teaches us to act as per dharma, without expecting the fruits of action.”

Are you willing to bring smile to a face? Are you willing to make someone’s day? Do you feel their pain? Learn more about karma yoga from the upcoming posts. Please comment to ask any questions about karma yoga.

Aditi is a certified Yoga Instructor for Power Yoga from Akshar Power Yoga. She teaches Hatha yoga, Power Yoga, Meditative Yoga and Yoga Therapy. She has experience in teaching and practicing yoga for about 4 years.