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Was this your inner voice “how to find legitimate yoga classes near me”? Finally you have spotted one. Yog Gokul is one stop to those who take Yoga seriously. You will love the entire energy of Yog Gokul Yoga Studio. The important point about our yoga classes in Koramangala is we teach students to recognize that learning yoga is an ongoing process.

At our yoga classes in Koramangala we give detailed attention to alignment and doing the posture in the right way. All our classes can be attended by all levels. If you feel your yoga practice needs to be more intense, please get in touch with us and we can arrange an intense power yoga or Ashtanga Yoga class every weekend.

At our yoga center at Koramangala, we are now conducting Acroyoga jams every Sunday at 5:00 pm. What are Acroyoga Jams? Acroyoga jams are the perfect opportunity to meet new people, practice and play with fellow Acroyogis and be a part of everexpanding Acroyoga Community in Bangalore. There is no teacher or leader, its an unstructured way of skill sharing. There will be lot of people to base and fly.

Confused about how to find a yoga classes near me? We are here to help you out.

As a beginner, you will have various questions about how to find Yoga Classes near my location? How to determine whether the type of yoga taught at the Yoga Studio is suitable for your needs? How to figure out if the Yoga Teachers at the Yoga Centers are trained and experienced to facilitate the class to suit everyone’s need.

Still have a question “how to find yoga classes near my location?”

As a general rule of thumb, Hatha Yoga classes are gentle and slow paced. Ashtanga Yoga is a fast paced, intense and flowing style of Yoga founded by Pattabhi Jois in the 1960s. Power Yoga was developed in 1990s by people looking for a rigorous and intense practice for weight reduction and to increase endurance. Like Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga is also very intense and can be practiced by fit and strong individuals mostly young.

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Learn Yoga, a great way to relax your mind and body and keep yourself healthy and fit. Learn from qualified yoga teachers at our Yoga Centers in Koramangala and Rajarajeshwari Nagar. We have beginners, intermediate, advanced yoga classes in Koramangala. Once you stepped in to Yog Gokul you will suggest your friends that finding yoga classes near me wasn’t that hard.

Hope to see you at our yoga classes in Koramangala. Please visit Yog Gokul Yoga Studio in Koramangala. Please give us a call before dropping in so that we can welcome you and plan to have some time to answer your questions.

About Us

Yog Gokul team is spreading awareness about fitness and yoga in Bangalore. A lot of times corporate professionals continue to work for extended hours without taking care of their health. We at Yog Gokul strive to make them aware of the consequences of sedentary lifestyle. We want everyone to understand how important it is for everyone to mobilize their body parts through fitness and yoga as regularly as possible. We have various fitness programs like Yoga Classes, Weight Loss Program, Mixed Martial Arts Classes, Kung Fu and Gymnastics for Kids, Prenatal Yoga Classe, Postnatal Yoga Classes, Dance Classes. We are currently present in Koramangala. If you are looking forward to join yoga classes in Koramangala you can contact 9483897818 or 080-30474757 and

Yoga Classes in Koramangala | Yoga Classes Near Your Location 

We offer various types of yoga classes at both Koramangala and Rajarajeshwari Nagar Center. Click on the heading below to know more about various types of Yoga Classes.

Hatha Yoga Posture

Hatha Yoga

Energising and powerful Hatha Yoga postures, body balance & relaxation techniques. Slow & controlled class with corrections of alignment & deep breathing.


Modern science has already proven the endless benefits of meditation. Meditation helps to improve concentration, deal with anxiety and stress. Reserving some time out of your daily routine will help you energise and feel rejuvenated.

Chaturanga Dandasan posture

Power Yoga

A challenging yoga class for building strength and endurance. An intense sequence of asanas which make you sweat and allow you to detox your body. Improves core strength.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is based on breath, bandhas, Drishti & vinyasa (sequential movement). increases muscular strength, reduces stress, tension & anxiety.


Prana is a vital energy needed to nourish our body and mind. Prana creates an aura around your body and flows through various channels called “nadis” and energy centres called “chakras”.

Pre-natal and Postnatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga program helps expectant mothers to prepare their body for delivery. Postnatal yoga program helps new mothers to aid sustained weight loss and body aches due to carrying the baby.

Acroyoga By Yog Gokul Team

We have regular Acro Yoga classes in Koramangala, 4th Block at our Koramangala Yoga Studio.

Hatha Yog Surya Namaskar

We have regular Hatha Yoga Classes in Koramangala at Yog Gokul Yoga Studio. We facilitate the class for all levels.

During three weeks of daily yoga sessions with Aditi Phadnis, I have learned to know Aditi as a pleasant person and a dedicated yoga instructor. I have especially appreciated Aditi’s fine ability to customize the yoga sessions to my specific conditions. I attended few personal sessions at their Yoga Studio in Koramangala. One yoga session during my stay in Bangalore was under the instruction of Amar Srividya. Both Aditi and Amar have impressed me with their profound knowledge of yoga and unwavering positive attitudes. I will truly miss both Aditi and Amar as I now return to my home country, Norway.

Marit Netland

Phd in Psychology, Bergen, Norway

I started training with Sumedha two months back and she has been the best instructor I have had so far. Apart from being a talented yoga teacher, Sumedha is extremely passionate about teaching yoga and takes keen interest in making sure that her students understand the physical as well as spiritual advantages of yoga. She is extremely friendly which helps one to be at ease and calm during the sessions. I personally feel that one of the best things about Sumedha is the  positive energy she brings in with her. Highly recommend Sumedha as a personal trainer. She gives yoga classes at Yog Gokul Yoga Center in Koramangala. If you are looking forward to join Yoga classes in Koramangala, you should definitely join this Yoga Studio.

Anushree Saksena

Legal Counsel , Flipkart

I took the yoga lessons from Aditi for six months, and she was good at her work. I hired her for the flexibility and overall fitness. She used to conduct the good sessions, and I experienced a complete transformation. I came to know about her through my friend. She was punctual and she always kept me motivated. She used to tell the benefit of every asana. She is doing yoga from quite a long time and I was very happy with her sessions. I took personal Yoga classes from her. Even in a group yoga class, she gives attention to each and every student and corrects their posture and makes sure everyone is doing yoga in a right way. Yog Gokul Yoga center in Koramangala has a beautiful ambience. They also have martial arts and gymnastics. Also dance classes is a new offering they have come up with. 

Preethi Srinivasan

Engineer, Robert Bosch GmbH

I have been learning from Aditi since last six months. Aditi has been a brilliant yoga instructor. I joined yoga class to build core strength, flexibility and weight loss. Aditi has helped me achieve my goals. I saw a true transformation in myself. I feel happy and relaxed after every class. Yog Gokul is the best yoga center in Koramangala. Their yoga classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. I recommend everyone to join this yoga classes in Koramangala if you stay nearby.

Gayatri Mali

Principal Engineer, Ola Cabs

I had been searching for a good yoga studio in Koramangala. I took trial classes at various yoga studios. But experience at Yog Gokul Yoga was life saving. I had been living a very busy life without taking care of my health. However, trainers at Yog Gokul motivated me to attend the yoga classes regularly. I got personal attention like I did no where else. I would recommend Yog Gokul Yoga Class to everyone. 

Sakshi Solanki

Engineer, Start-up

I am so thankful to Yog Gokul for such marvelous yoga sessions. I had been to Bangalore for a month during which time I attended the yoga classes here. Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama all sessions were fantastic. Variety of yoga styles to suit everyone’s need. I learnt some easy asanas and some really difficult asanas. Recommend yoga studio in Koramangala to everyone staying closeby.

Vaibhav Sanglikar

Self Employed, Start-up

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Our Yoga Studio in Koramangala also offers martial arts classes and Gymnastics Classes for Kids and Adults. We also have dance classes in Koramangala studio. We have a new offering Kung-Fumatics (Kung Fu + Gymnastics) for kids in Koramangala.

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